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Powered by Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. It provides a whole-child approach to learning while encouraging children to develop skills in all areas, including math and literacy, as well as cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains.

We are also enrolling students for our SUMMER ART CAMP. Please enroll early.

Preschool Hillsborough NJ

6 Weeks to 2.5 Years - Daycare


Our Chicks program(daycare) is for Infants from 6 weeks through 16 months and Waddlers up to 2.5 years old. Primary Caregivers provide individualized attention as babies follow their own rhythms. The daily schedule in Waddlers allows for large blocks of unstructured time during which children may choose from a variety of hands-on activities. Songs, stories, and fingerplays help support language development at this important stage.

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Older 2's to Young 4's


Children ages 2.5 through 4 years old attend our Nursery and Pre-K classes. Large blocks of unstructured time paired with small group instruction provide a balanced approach to early learning. Guided by studies in Creative Curriculum, children explore a range of topics, including Buildings, Trees, and Insects.

Preschool Hillsborough NJ

Year to Grow


Dedicated to students in their final year of Pre-K, our Nest class focuses on Kindergarten readiness while preserving the fun and playfulness of preschool. Children deepen their understanding of the world around them through Creative Curriculum studies. Small group instruction gives children opportunities to focus on writing, pre-reading, and math skills.

5 Years Old


Our Kindergarten class follows the Hillsborough Public School curriculum. Small class sizes allow us to focus on each child’s development, providing individualized support in each subject area. Traditional content is enhanced through hands-on learning and a child-centered approach to learning.
Preschool Hillsborough NJ


Supporting Children from Birth to 6

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